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Dear Writer,

I was intrested reading your page on VIASA I need to correct you that VIASA did have a crash near LISBOA Portugal on 30/5/61 DC-8-52 PH-DCL (Aircraft name) "Fridjof Nansen" KLM owned in service for VIASA throgh a wet lease.

Kind regards Willem

  • In the article there was no mention of anyone being blamed for the crash. Saying that Viasa was not to blame without any source quoted and whitout any previous POV comment having hinted it was, amounts to a POV comment.
  • Stating that rest is mandated by international regulations does address what was being said; "when compared to others" - as all airlines would be subject to the same regulation. Regulations stablished a minimum floor. It is up to each airline and their unions to change it to more if they so negotiate. The new comment did not address the initial comment. --Anagnorisis 17:37, 29 November 2005 (UTC)[reply]