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A 2-year segment of the 1000-year military history of Japan. Turns out they were forced to attack at Pearl Harbor because US wouldn't sell them any more scrap metal. Needs beefing up. Ortolan88

One has to start somewhere... Vera Cruz

How about starting with the Rape of Nanking? Ortolan88

Hey, jerk, if you wanna write about Nanking, than go ahead. Otherwise shut up and Ill do it when I get around to it. Vera Cruz

I've seen better and more constructive comments come from you Vera. Orto didn't resort to name calling. --mav

Nice talk from a heck of a nice guy. Ortolan88

I don't see how making snide comments about how incomplete and biased my article is, within 30 seconds of the first edit is not jerkish. Vera Cruz

I didn't look at the date, I looked at the article. I commented on what I saw, then added a suggestion, as you requested. I thought someone else working on the article (which, after all doesn't belong to you in any sense) would be interested in the suggestions I was making. That is the purpose of the pages and that is how I am using them. Ortolan88
Recent edits eviscerating the article pretty much shows us where Vera Cruz is coming from. Since he is also a troll, I am dropping out of all articles where he is involved. Yes, Vera, that gives you the power to run me out take over any article I'm interested in. Ortolan88

Hi Ortolan. See my comments on one of Vera Cruz's other military history articles. Here too, it is essentially plagiarized from the site.


First, let me just say how disgusted I am that people continue to think of the Rape of Nanking when they think of Japanese history. World War II was much more than just the events of a few days in one Chinese city; and the 1000+ year history of Japan is far far more than just World War II. No other country, except perhaps Germany, faces such hatred and discrimination, and it's just entirely inappropriate for anyone who considers themselves even somewhat a historian.

Second, this article looks like it was written by someone who doesn't believe in the definite article (i.e. the word 'the'). I'm gonna rework it.

LordAmeth 20:22, 29 Dec 2004 (UTC)

This article needs a lot of work. I'm not exactly an expert, but there's a lot that I find questionable in terms of its accuracy. The proliferation of firearms? - I believe that guns were still very expensive, and very rare at this time. Oda Nobunaga's forces were, for a time, the only ones with organized firearm strategy. Also, the "disappearance of personal bravery"? Samurai held just as strongly to the dictates of bushido, to honor and glory in the Sengoku period as they did in centuries earlier, and many aspects of these beliefs continue down to today. Plus, there's nothing at all written for the Nara & Heian periods... which I won't, certainly, blame anyone for. Maybe it's just not your strong point, or maybe you just haven't gotten around to it yet. That's perfectly understandable. If no one minds, I'm gonna keep working on this one, doing what I can to fix it up.

LordAmeth 20:33, 29 Dec 2004 (UTC)