Lenox, Memphis

Coordinates: 35°07′47″N 89°59′15″W / 35.1296°N 89.9875°W / 35.1296; -89.9875
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Lenox is a neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. It is bounded by Central Avenue in the south, Union Avenue in the north, Cooper Street in the west and East Parkway South in the east.[1]

Prior to 1909, when it was annexed by the City of Memphis, Lenox was its own incorporated municipality.[1] Perhaps one of the most architecturally-significant landmarks in Lenox is Lenox School, which was an elementary school before being converted into condominiums in 1981.[1]


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35°07′47″N 89°59′15″W / 35.1296°N 89.9875°W / 35.1296; -89.9875